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Dan & Larry by Dave Cooper

Dan & Larry

Don't Do That
by Dave Cooper
Fantagraphics Books, 2002
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D. on Jan 25th 2002
Volume: 6, Number: 4

Don't Do That! is a graphic novella telling an unpleasant tale of Dan, a twelve year old duck, and Larry, a much older creepy comic book artist. It is hard to say what kind of being Larry is; he has a massive sweaty head the shape of a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud, with a robot body and short stubby legs. Dan and Larry hang out together a lot, and Dan even helps Larry with his comics, although it becomes clear that Larry's interest in Dan is unhealthy.

David Charles Cooper's pen and ink drawing manages to convey a gross, gurgling, wormy texture to nearly every page. Think of Eraserhead for preteens. Dan's natural curiosity about sex is at the mercy of the perversions of his older peers; slime, saliva or sweat seem to cover every bodily surface; boils, pimples and acne lie in wait. Every character is disgusting.

It's quite an accomplishment being able to make provoke such a sense of revulsion, and Don't Do That! is clearly the product of a fetid imagination. It goes without saying that most right-thinking Americans will view this artwork as typical of the odious creations of countercultural slackers, and it is no surprise to learn that the artist lives in Canada. By comparison, Beavis and Butthead, Ren and Stimpy, and South Park almost seem wholesome. This work will certainly appeal to a good number of deviants.

Revealing probably too much about myself, let me add that I enjoyed Don't Do That!; it is a well drawn and powerful story. I would not recommend it as a sensitive portrayal as sexual abuse, but it nevertheless gives a sense of the nightmarish world of some twelve year olds.


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